Mobile Applications

Smartphones are on a constant rise. According to a survey, the amount of people using a Smartphone will increase in the coming years and having one means downloading mobile apps. With the increase of mobile app users, there is a cutthroat competition in between IT companies.

Amogh Tech Labs is moving towards the designing of innovative mobile apps and even turn a website into a mobile app.


• Handy to customers

• Purchases can be done via mobile devices

We create the following Mobile Apps:

IOS :Our iPhone and iPad developers utilize Mac OS X systems and Xcode IDE to develop the mobile applications. After that the usability and performance is tested on the ipad and iphones.


Our chief fields are our user-friendly Android applications that can be operated easily. Our professional team develops android applications that help in marketing your products to

customers who use smart phones and tablet computers instead of laptops and computers. This will automatically boost your customer base and profitability.