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July 2014

Technology bolstering Strategy – Year 2014 at a Glance

As rightly said, Technology is the road-roller and if you don’t get rolled by it, you remain isolated. Top technological trends disrupting, shaping and reshaping the IT Business and operations for a decade now and would continue to do so. The nexus of forces Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud would rule the technology space for the year 2014.

Top 10 Technological advancements bolstering Strategies are:

1)    Web scale singularity– The centralization of control, process and flow is essential for a business to prosper and deliver. Fragmented IT Industry is shaping towards web scale singularity.

2)    Rise of Smart Machines– The man –machine collaboration would be reshaping the business work flow and efficiency of the IT industry in coming years. The world is moving from SOA TO API.

3)    3D Printing transforms Organization– The potential for 3D printing to revolutionize the supply chain means IT professionals must develop a framework for evaluating its impact. It would allow the industries to transition from restrictive designs.

4)    Personal Over Public Cloud– The myriad of devices and services would result in customization of services for each and every customer. The IT industry’s biggest challenge would be secure deployment of such platforms without compromising on the security.

5)    Realization of Virtualization– Virtualization provides a foundation for software-defined anything, cloud computing and cost-effective, greener data center projects.

6)    Mobile First approach and BYOD– IT organization having E-commerce in their site should incorporate mobile first approach for successful customer engagement and experience.

7)    Internet of Things – We see everything connected and devices talking to each other in the digital era. IT Organization should be ready to devise business opportunity from the same.

8)    Wearable Computing would break into market– This will allow people to stay in touch easier while receiving countless other benefits. Just how your smartphone can help you record video, boost your health, navigate, translate languages, and perform a variety of other functions, so will these wearable devices, except they’ll be even closer to your fingertips.

9)    Analytic Software would be Pre-requisite– While many companies have put heaps of money into marketing, a huge concern is measuring the results, so this year businesses will put more effort into measuring their marketing success. This could come in forms of using better analytics software or creating jobs for data analysts and strategists.

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