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June 2014

Top 10 tips to ensure your website generate business for your company

With the shrinking business space, unchained business models and disruptive demands and changing

consumer needs, the World Wide Web has become an important tool and a prerequisite for any

organization to enhance its customer reach and engage them in the best possible way. The business has

become value centric and customization and personalization would be the key, to remain in profitability.

A well designed and conversion driven website with compelling content and strong visuals can act as an

magic band for the organization.

Top 10 criteria to ensure that your website generate potential leads and Business are:-

1) Operate a logical website with good User Interface and engaging Content. Ask yourself “ Is it

easy to go , where the clients want to go , if no , you may be losing potential leads “

2) Offer incentives and discounts to existing customers on bringing in new customers.

3) Place the USP of the organization on the top or at a lucrative position that the user need not to

scroll down to his area of interest. Know your customer well and design the website accordingly.

4) Place a Customer care support for instant help and query to engage customers and deliver high


5) Simple and efficient landing page with effective keywords describing your business, so your

website appear in the search most of times.

6) Make sure that your website is linked with all the social networking site, hence every activity of

user could be shared to generate buzz around the activity and the business.

7) Make the site Mobile friendly with an efficient, light and great Mobile App interface as one third

of traffic comes from mobile devices.

8) Have an efficient analytics on the website data, to reach to your customer in a more customized

and personalized way.

9) Make sure that the site contact form is integrated into your database and analytics and not only to

the e-mail box

10) Promote your site with proper branding through electronic medium and on seminars and workshops

having audience segment of your organization’s interest .

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