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June 2014

Why do restaurants need a mobile app?

Mobile apps have become a trend nowadays. Of course you cannot possess a smart phone without having required apps on it. Traditional advertising is decreasing. Now, it is the time for Mobile app. The world is constantly moving and restaurants have to run faster to catch up. Hence, it is important to have a customized mobile app.

A recent survey has shown that in the past 6 months, 81% of those owning a smartphone have used it to search for a restaurant.

It is agreeable that a mobile ready website do offer information about a restaurant. However, a mobile app provides way better more. Several restaurants have not yet developed their mobile app and those who did it; they are entirely set apart from the competitors. One pro of having a branded mobile app is the connection you build up in between you and your customers. Your customers are just a click away from accessing in all the facilities provided in your restaurant. The second advantage is that your customers will not get much clue about your competitor. Making them access your website can happen that they accidentally access your competitor’s website.

Some of the benefits of having a restaurant mobile app are:

  • Escalate your customer support and commitment

When you develop a mobile app for your restaurant, you are pulling in numerous openings for your business. There are several tech-savvy potential customers. It is via them that brand awareness is increased which eventually encourages sales. A very well-designed mobile app provides several benefits. One of them is engaging the customers by the numerous facilities they provide via the app. For instance, check-in has become really famous.

  • Enhancing the dining experience

Customers are always looking for a good dining experience. A branded restaurant mobile app can facilitate this phase. Ordering food, booking a table, when all of these are reduced to only some clicks away, it facilitates their waiting time as well as that of your staffs. Using it anywhere and also having the options of PayPal will exclude the trouble of physical payments.

People are learning how to be smart using a smart phone. This is the theme of 2014: to be smart.



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